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Your Safety is Priority One Myers Update on COVID-19

Your Safety is Priority One – Myers Update on COVID-19


As Ontario enters into a 3-staged opening plan, the Myers Automotive Group remains an Essential Service and we will be maintaining our automotive dealerships operations for Sales, Service, and Parts to ensure our community has access to the important transportation services they require. We no longer require appointments for sales and service.

We are encouraging our Buy @ Home and Service Pick-up and Delivery. Please read about these services below.


Come on in, we’re open. We are here to service any of your vital personal transportation needs and are encouraging our concierge vehicle pick-up and delivery. Our service department will come pick-up your vehicle and return it once service is complete. We will also be making other various arrangements on an as needed basis. Still prefer to come in yourself? We still have our traditional drop-off procedure available; however we have limited the number of people allowed in the dealership. We also do not recommending waiting in the dealership for your vehicle. During this crucial time, it is more important than ever to keep your vehicle running at its best so you can continue to go about your important daily tasks uninterrupted.


Our parts department is open for retail parts purchases. We are also offering free local parts delivery for orders over $50 and Curbside pickup if you do not want to come inside. To order a part through our curbside pickup, please call or visit our website to chat with a customer service representative. Upon pickup, please have two pieces of valid ID like a driver’s license, or credit card and either call the parts department or ring the bell for assistance. Local delivery is available upon request and daily availability. We will want to ensure you have all the parts needed for your vehicle to be running smoothly.


Myers is here to help you move forward during this challenging time, whether your lease is ending soon or if you require a new or used vehicle for essential transportation. We have implemented “Safe Showroom Visits and Test Drives”. We are meeting or exceeding all Health Canada recommendations and protocols in the proper handling of vehicles that are “cleaned and sanitized” prior to delivery. Our on-line services are also available to help you BUY @ HOME, research your next vehicle, get quick trade-in appraisals, secure financing, and arrange for final delivery from the comfort of your home.

Customer Care...

During this time, we are committed to keeping our lines of communication open to inform you of our latest developments and do our part to keep you and our community safe and driving forward.

We recognize this is an unsettling time as the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing and is now present within our own community. As such we are closely monitoring developments with respect to the spread of the virus, and our priority remains the safety of our employees, customers and our community. As a valued customer, we are committed to supporting all your automotive needs – during these uncertain times, and always…

We are here for you, we remain fully operational and are taking every necessary step to ensure you continue to receive the service you rely on in the safest manner possible.

At all Myers locations, we have taken enhanced measures to stay resilient.

Additional Hygiene and Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

  • Additional sanitizers and sanitizing stations have been made available throughout the dealership.
  • All service personnel will wear rubber gloves when working on vehicle interiors
  • All vehicles will be wiped down and sanitized after each test drive and/or after showroom presentations.
  • All service vehicles will be wiped down and sanitized before being returned to our customers.
  • All touch points such as door handles, restroom doors, rails, showroom doors, tables, all in-dealership surfaces and employee desks are being regularly wiped and sanitized

In-Dealership Signage and Access

  • In order to better control, maintain and erect signage, add easily identified sanitizers, we are limiting accesses to our dealerships’ main entrances.

Maintaining appropriate social distancing

  • No physical contact, 6 foot rule, limits interactions

Facilitating Employee Absence

  • We are instructing employees to stay home and see a doctor if they have the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, and/or symptoms associated with the common cold. Myers will require an employee to be removed from the workplace if they have knowingly been exposed.

Personal Travel

  • While this is a personal matter we have suggested to all employees to carefully review all personal travel plans and weigh the risks and benefits of travel at this time.

Stay Healthy

  • Like all viruses, the best way to combat it is to keep your immune system primed. Get proper sleep – 8 hours of sleep per night, maintain a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

We look forward to serving you in the manner that you choose, and will continue to deliver the highest quality service, while keeping your safety as priority one…after all We’re Family.


* Some restrictions apply.

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Myers Automotive Group: We\'re Family

The people on our team are your friends and neighbours. Our kids go to school together, play sports together, and succeed together. We sit on parents\' councils and volunteer with you to make good things happen. We sponsor teams and charity events. We are the community we serve.

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