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10 Best Summer Cars You Can Buy at Every Myers Dealership 

10 Best Summer Cars You Can Buy at Every Myers Dealership 

With summer fast approaching, it's time to think about hitting the road and making the most of what the country has to offer through the warmer months. Here are ten of the best summer cars available from our Myers dealership, whether you're planning a road trip vacation or a weekend adventuring in the wilderness.


1) Jeep Wrangler 


No car handles tough terrain like the Jeep Wrangler, with its combination of dependable power under the hood and rugged trail-friendly engineering. But for the full summer off-road experience, take off the roof and doors for an unforgettable open-air adventure when the temperature is high.


2) Chevrolet Spark 


The Chevrolet Spark is a capable subcompact SUV that loves both city and highway driving, but choose the Activ trim and it gains skid plates, a suspension lift, larger wheels, and more for summer off-road exploits.


3) Toyota Highlander 


At the other end of the SUV scale, the Toyota Highlander seats up to eight passengers in comfort with plenty of cargo space behind, making an ideal car for comfortable family road trips all through the summer months.


4) Cadillac XT4

With its powerful 237 horsepower engine, advanced all-wheel drive, and reassuringly hefty SUV design, the Cadillac XT4 can venture far off the pavement with confidence while still providing plenty of luxury in its upscale interior.


5) Dodge Grand Caravan 


For travelling the highways in true spacious comfort, the Dodge Grand Caravan is large enough to carry the whole family and their luggage for a drama-free summer vacation however far you wander.


6) Toyota GR Supra 


If you want to turn heads on your summer road trip, the GR Supra from Toyota offers classic sports design backed up by huge 382hp engine power. With this beautiful car, even a regular highway drive can be the highlight of the summer.


7) Hyundai Kona Electric 


The latest Hyundai Kona Electric has an EV range of up to 415km, making charging worries a thing of the past for all your summer drives. And with its impressive 201 horsepower output, it has plenty of power and performance to spare.


8) Jeep Gladiator 


For the ultimate in off-road performance, the Jeep Gladiator combines a 285 horsepower engine with all-wheel drive and rugged pickup design to take you as deep into the wilderness as you desire. And with a towing capacity of up to 3,470kg, there's no need to leave your dirt bikes, boat, or trailer behind.


9) Nissan Altima 


The Altima's powerful engine and upscale interior will get you to your summer destination with comfortable ease, starting your vacation off with a stress-free drive.


10) Infiniti QX55 


But for the ultimate in summer luxury, the Infiniti QX55 pairs high-end engineering with an upscale cabin experience, backed up by a sleek fastback design that's sure to draw attention wherever you take it.


Explore the Best Deals on Myers Summer Cars 


Can your current car handle the summer heat in style? Visit any of our showroom locations to find a great deal on all these summer cars and more, backed by the quality and service that's the mark of a Myers dealership.

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