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Extended Car Warranty

Is Your Warranty Expired Or About To Expire?

With an extended warranty, you don't have to pay out hundreds or thousands of dollars when your vehicle breaks down.

    Extended Car Warranty

    Get Extended Warranty On:

    • Engine Repair
    • Transmission Repair
    • Air Conditioning Repair
    • And More!


    We cover all makes and models


    Our highly trained technicians are experts in servicing vehicles of every make and model, and are certified to ensure that they know all the ins and outs of your vehicle.


    Affordable Payment Options


    We understand that you're on a budget. We offer payment plans with no finance charges and no hidden fees.

    Extended Car Warranty

    Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases many will make in their lifetime. You want to avoid having any surprises with something that costly. Buying an extended warranty for your car ensures that all the parts and systems are covered for a set period, so paying for repairs becomes less stressful.

    Frequently Asked question

    What Is an Extended Warranty?

    An extended warranty is a service contract that protects you against expenses related to a covered repair. The critical difference between an extended warranty and a manufacturer's warranty is that the product coverage of an extended warranty starts when you purchase it. In contrast, your original manufacturer's product coverage usually begins when you take possession of your new car or appliance.

    Why Do You Need One?

    Click to Buy has many features that cover every phase of the car shopping process:
    Car warranties are designed for one thing: protection. They're an insurance policy for your car, protecting you from unexpected repair costs due to manufacturer defects in how a vehicle was designed or built and any issues that arise with parts and materials during everyday use. In other words, if your car breaks down and needs expensive repairs that aren't covered by your warranty, this could easily cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.
    However, if you have an extended car warranty plan in place, these expenses won't come anywhere near that amount—and they might even be avoided altogether.

    What Does This Warranty Cover?

    When you purchase a warranty, it usually covers parts and labour for a certain number of kilometres or years. However, some warranties aren’t as straightforward and may only cover parts or labour during a specific period. Regardless of how the extended car warranty is worded, it’ll likely cover servicing issues with your vehicle's powertrain, suspension system, heating and cooling system, electrical system/electronics, body panels/glass/mirrors/windows — basically anything that could potentially break down on your car over time due to regular use or wear-and-tear situations like accidents resulting in minor dents or scratches on the exterior bodywork.

    What's a Bumper-to-Bumper Extended Car Warranty?

    Bumper-to-bumper warranties are the most common type of extended car warranty. They typically cover everything except routine maintenance and wear and tear items, such as tires and batteries. These types of warranties can be valuable for cars with a lot of electronics or other expensive parts or if you want to keep your vehicle longer than six years.

    Can You Get Extended Warranty for Used Cars?

    You can buy an extended car warranty for a used car. Some warranties are only available to new cars, but some are also available for pre-owned vehicles.


    One of the best ways to protect your investment in a new car is through an extended warranty. An extended warranty can help you save money on repairs by covering items other than the engine or drive trains, such as tires and electronics. An extended warranty can also extend your vehicle's life, meaning fewer trips to the mechanic's shop. So, call us now at Myers Automotive Group for more details and get your extended car warranty Ottawa today.