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Buying a New or Used Cadillac in Ottawa

Myers Auto Group is a full-service, no-pressure dealership in Ottawa that offers drivers the opportunity to buy a new or used Cadillac in Ottawa. With many different model variations and all of them focused on luxury, a Cadillac is a great vehicle of choice for buyers wanting safety, luxury, and quality.

The Benefits of Buying a Cadillac


Cadillac is known for its upscale vehicles, focused on luxury from the inside out. The modern and aggressive exteriors focus on sharp angles and bold stances that let other drivers know that an incredibly capable and powerful vehicle is coming through.

Cadillac has a rich history, dating back to the earliest days of automotive creation--the first Cadillac automobiles hit the sales floor in 1902. With a focus on quality and sophistication for almost 120 years, Cadillac offers incredible features and premium materials to offer an exquisite driving experience.

The Benefits of Buying New


The new versus used debate always pops up when it is time for drivers to head to the dealership for a new (or new-to-them) vehicle. Buyers have several options for vehicles, including new vs used and buying vs leasing.

There are several advantages to buying a new vehicle. The first is that it is brand new, which allows buyers to have absolute certainty that the car was never in an accident or had mechanical issues. All warranties are still intact, and there are very few miles on the odometer.

New cars have newer and improved features compared to used cars, if there are many years between the models. In addition, new cars allow for complete customisation to allow buyers to get exactly what they want.

The Benefits of Buying Used


Buying a used vehicle offers many advantages over buying new, in terms of price, features, manufacturers, and more. For buyers on a budget, buying used offers a huge cost savings. Cars depreciate the second they drive off the lot, meaning that thousands of dollars are gone in an instant.

There are other cost factors to buying used--insurance rates are historically lower on used vehicles, and depreciation also slows down since the majority of a car's depreciation occurs during the first year of ownership.

Those skilled at used car buying will be able to find more makes, models, and manufacturers that fit into their budget. Not being tied own to a specific make or model, as well as knowing your budgetary limitations, is the best way to shop for a new vehicle.

Finding a Dealership in Ottawa


Myers Auto Group offers many different vehicle dealerships in Ottawa and across Canada, and they are ready and willing to assist buyers in finding the right car of their dreams. Buying a used Cadillac is a great way for buyers to experience the true luxury of the vehicle without overextending themselves on price.

In the end, there are pros and cons to both a new Cadillac and a used one. For buyers in Ottawa, it is a good thing that they have Myers Auto Group dealerships around town to help make the decision a little easier.