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Vehicle Inspections: Part of manufacturer recommended maintenance on all vehicles, regardless of year make or model. See below for common inspections that are available at each of our Myers dealerships.

Getting your Car, Truck or SUV inspected regularly for damages, uneven or abnormal wear of parts, or any issues that may have come up through driving your vehicle regularly should be done as part of your regular vehicle maintenance.
What kind of inspections can be done on a vehicle?
Just to name a few inspections that is recommended as part of seasonal maintenance:


A licensed technician will inspect the thickness of brake pads, the appearance of the rotors and calipers, as well as provide a visual inspection of the brake lines.

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A licensed technician will use a special device used to check the health of your battery. This is recommended seasonally; specifically in the fall as a battery that is wearing out is more likely to cause a 'no-start' during the cold winter months.

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An alignment inspection should be done to ensure proper alignment of your vehicles suspension. Proper alignment ensures that parts of your vehicle, most easily recognized would be tires, are wearing at the proper rate. If you have been driving on bumpy roads, hit any pot holes or curbs, or you are planning to purchase new tires, it is highly recommended to have an alignment inspection done to see if you need a 4 wheel alignment.